Perfect for DIYers who want to build a bike in the comfort of their own homes, and at their own pace. Our kits come with the materials, tools, and instructions needed to walk you through our bike-making process. Our kits are also popular in schools, and are used to teach high school and middle school students how to build a bike of their own.

Our kit relies on the same process that we use in our workshops. Using our kit you’ll begin your bike by setting up your bike-making jig and tacking your bamboo tubes into place. Once completed, you’ll shape the lugs where your bamboo tubes meet. You’ll then wrap your tubes together fibers and resin, and let the bike sit till the epoxy hardens. You’ll then remove your frame from the jig, and file down your lugs to a smooth finish. After applying a final coat, you can install your components (purchased separately), or take your frame to your nearest bike shop and have your components installed for you.

While kit-building times vary, we’ve found that the average build takes between 20-30 hours.

Kit includes:

• A jig
• Life-size print-out of your geometry
• Lug cores cut to a geometry we’ve selected for you
• Steel parts
• Woven fiberglass
• Carbon fiber roving
• Resin and hardener
• Files and rasps
• Instructional videos
• You can choose to harvest your own bamboo, or we’ll send you the tubing that we use in weekend workshops. We use local bamboo harvested near our shop. 


Customers who purchase a kit are asked to acquire the following items, which can be bought from your local hardware store or found in your tool box:
• 2′x4′ MDF Board, worktop or plywood
• Drill
• 1/4″ and 3/8″ drill bits
• Hammer

• Lag bolts to hold the jig to your MDF or Plywood

• 2 Adjustable Wrenches

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How to Build a Bamboo Bike
Bike-Making FAQ

Kits ship after we receive your measurements. Please allow 4 weeks for shipping time. Our staff is available to field any questions that may come up as you build your bike with our kit.

Please direct all kit-related questions to:
+1 334 624 0842