How to Build a Bamboo Bike

It’s not too hard to make your own bike. You can do it with a simple set of tools, a bike kit, and some time. People have built their own bikes in HERObike workshops for the past two years, and now people are using our kits to build at home.

Everyone agrees, the best bike is the one you build yourself.


Step 1: Harvest Your Bamboo (if you want to)

Step 2: Assemble Jig

Step 3: Install Lugs & Dropouts

Step 4: Prep & Install

Step 5: Shape Lugs

Step 6: Fiberglass the Lugs & Carbon-Wrap the Dropouts

Step 7: Reassemble Jig

Step 8: Prepare Lugs for Wrapping

Step 9: Carbon Wrap Lugs

Step 10: Install Brake Bridge

Step 11: Finish Lugs

This guide is the culmination of two years of work. We hope you find it useful. Please send us comments through our development blog to help us make it better.

Items NOT included in kit:
These items are available at any local hardware store and pharmacy
• 2′x4′ x 3/4″ MDF Board
• Hammer
• Drill
• Two adjustable wrenches
• Safety Goggles
• Calipers/meter stick
• Scissors
• Sandpaper
• Sharpie
• Plastic cups
• Mixing sticks
• Latex gloves
• Denatured Alcohol
• Vaseline
• Paper Towels
• Apron/Work Clothes
• Tung Oil

Words of Caution
Building a bicycle is dangerous. Riding bicycles is dangerous. Riding a bicycle you built is dangerous. Please respect the danger. This guide is based on the best practices HERObike and only represents the opinions and observed best results of the development team. By using this guide, you accept the inherent risks of doing things yourself. We are completely transparent with our testing and development process: if you have any questions, please ask. Most importantly, open your eyes and engage with your surroundings.
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