A very Special 1970s Time-Only Longines

Collectors entering the vintage watch field today have different motivations than those who have been in the field for 20 years. Talk to some who fit the latter description and you’ll learn that many get into the game as a result of the fact that old ticket prices used to be lower. We all know that’s no longer the case, but I still recommend that those on a smaller budget look in the vintage direction when it comes to buying replica watches. Believe it or not, the deals are still out there, and if you have the time, I’d like to bring one to your attention right now. 
Some time ago, I worked in retail and quickly learned that new, top-quality watches under $600 from important brands are almost non-existent. But this Longines watch is the best proof that there are still deals to be had, and it’s attractive, considering how this 1970s time reference watch is configured and kept.
There’s a lot to like about this watch, including its clean sunburst dial with a sharp tonneau-shaped case and Cal.284 movement, which is more attractive than you’d expect at the price point.
One of my favorite things about this watch is that its original Longines bracelet is still attached to the fake watch. As someone who is willing to pay the seller’s sale price for a bracelet, I think the head is an added bonus and, well, it’s a welcome one. You’ll have to act fast – I have a feeling this watch won’t last long.